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Actor - Singer - Model

 - All-American Girl


  • Dog Obsessed
  • Princess
  • Warm Weather Girl
  • Mac and Cheese Junkie
  • Disney Karaoke Queen
  • "Dad Jokes" Enthusiast
  • Chocolate Addict
  • Golfer
  • Event Planner
  • Travel Lover

    Born and raised as an only child to two high school teachers in a small town at the northwest corner of Colorado, the thing that kept Caitlin entertained was music and performing. She has always been singing, from the Christmas pageants at church to the Elementary choir concert where she dressed up as her principal and sang her little heart out.

     Then, she discovered musical instruments. Caitlin quickly picked up a guitar in middle school, and then clarinet, which soon lead to learning mandolin, saxophone, and ukulele. Performing all around her small town, since the age of 10, she was known as a musician in Craig, Colorado. You could say music has always been in her blood.

      Caitlin soon found a new fire and passion with music when she found musical theater in high school. She went on to pursue her new dream of musical theater at the University of California, Irvine. She graduated with a BA in Drama and a Minor in Film and Media Studies in June of 2017. She is heading to LA to see where her music and art will take her next.




Cell: (970) 620-6120


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